Uplifting Caffeine: The Use Of Caffeine In Cosmetics

The Use of Caffeine in Cosmetics

Caffeine, a stimulant, is found in tea and coffee and a host of other non-related products. It causes the heart rate to increase, pupils to dilate and muscles to tighten.

Caffeine injects adrenalin into your system to give you a boost and make you feel good. Small amounts of caffeine are beneficial to our health, and here lies the dilemma: knowing how much is too much.

Excessive amounts of caffeine in our bodies can cause restlessness, irritability, anxiety, headaches, high blood pressure and sleeplessness.

Caffeine as an aid to prevent sunburn

Scientists now believe that the chemical found in coffee absorbs Ultra Violet Radiation when applied to the skin and also prevents tumours developing after exposure to sunlight. In experiments with mice it was shown that when genetically engineered to suppress a particular enzyme, known as ATR, the mice developed skin cancer at a much slower rate.

Further findings suggest that in humans ‘topical application’ of caffeine in creams and lotions could help prevent sun-induced skin cancer. The ATR enzyme rescues stressed and damaged DNA cells. This is amazing news and I do not think it will be too long before we see all our favourite brand of sun lotion containing caffeine.

Caffeine as a cellulite buster

As 90% of females suffer with dreaded cellulite, or orange peel skin, it is music to our ears to learn that caffeine could banish cellulite, according to new research. It has been revealed that volunteers who tested creams with added caffeine in them found that it did indeed diminish the look of cellulite.

Caffeine-based cream was rubbed directly into the skin, usually the thighs and buttocks, every day for a month and most found a it had a significant impact on the look of their skin. Eight out of 10 volunteers had tighter skin and lost two centimetres off their thighs.

Oh happy, happy days.

The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology suggests that a cream should contain 7% of pure caffeine to have any effect on the skin, plus the usual recommendations of eating a good, varied and healthy diet with daily exercise. Ground coffee dilates the blood vessels increasing both the speed and volume of blood flow throughout the body.

I have also heard that many supermodels actually apply ground coffee beans directly to their lithe limbs to further enhance the look and feel of their already near perfect pins!

All in all it is very good news for us girls. Men do not suffer with cellulite. Life is so unfair! I can see the day will be upon us shortly when the use of caffeine in cosmetics is more widespread and a multi-active cream will be produced that stops us getting sunburnt and gives us beautiful legs at the same time.

Bring it on!


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